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Cloud Computing Virtual Training (May 27th- May 29th)

I would be conducting Cloud Computing - May 27th -May 29th (10 am to 5 pm IST).

Mode: Virtual Duration:  3 days (18 hrs.) Dates: 27 to 29  May Special Offer: 13500 + 18% GST against 15500+18% GST

Course Coverage:

Module 1.The principles of Cloud computing Module 2. Implementing and managing Cloud computing Module 3. Using the Cloud Module 4. Security and compliance Module 5. Evaluation of Cloud computing

Module 6. Demystifying the AWS Cloud

Module 7. AWS Networking Module 8. AWS Compute Basics Module 9. ELB and Auto Scaling Module 10. AWS Storage Module 11. AWS Database Services Module 12. AWS Route53 (DNS) 

Module 13. Monitoring, Logging and CloudFormation

Module 14. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 15. Introduction to DevOps

Sharing Sample Recording

Configuring AWS Application Load Balancer
Download MP4 • 56.74MB

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