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We provide  Corporate and Public Enterprise Training, Consultancy, and Content Writing on  Generative AI , Linux,Cloud, Cloud Migration, DevOps, SRE, Jenkins, Dockers, Kubernetes ,Terraform and Ansible. Our belief is to deeply understand the needs of our customers and build trust with them. This provides a platform for delivering excellent customer-centric solutions which clients can bank upon and relationships that can last a lifetime. 

Technical Trainer / Advisor / Consultant /Mentor with 20 years IT experience. Broad technical
knowledge on AI, Python,Virtualization ,Cloud, DevOps , SRE , Frontend Developer Tools,  Dockers , Kubernetes  , Terraform , Ansible ,  Big Data, Datacenter Migration  and Linux technologies.
Chaitanya R Gaajula
Image by Nick Morrison


  • Help individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth, and career goals.​

  • Adopt the highest standards of quality and service.

  • Maintain a customer-focused organization with a strong partnering culture.


Our vision is to be the preferred provider for AI, Cloud, DevOps, and Container technologies training, consultancy, and course content preparation. Our vision is to enable our customers to use and take advantage of the latest IT technologies in order to take their businesses to a new level.

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