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AWS Summit ,Bangalore Experience

Today's experience in AWS Summit, Bangalore was super inspiring. There were lots of Cloud/Data/AI/ML enthusiasts who attended the summit.

Sharing highlights of the Summit

Live keynotes: 

Many AWS leaders discussed the potential of cloud and generative AI which helped me to gain a deep understanding of the latest developments in cloud technology / Generative AI, ML, securing data, and more.

Networking and Collaboration: 

Interacted with AWS experts and AWS Partners which helped me to gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and real-world solutions for various challenges.

Break Out Sessions:

Covered a wide range of topics - Generative AI for builders, AWS for data, Build on AWS, Security and Compliance, Build with AWS.

I attended Generative AI for builders which covered the below topics 

  • How to quickly and easily develop generative AI applications with Amazon Bedrock

  • How MongoDB Atlas on AWS enables organizations to accelerate the development of generative AI apps, enhance the accuracy of generated content, and leverage proprietary data for continuous learning.

  • How AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia2 accelerators enable Amazon teams and AWS customers to build, deploy, and scale high-performance generative AI models at optimized costs

  • How to seamlessly integrate popular Hugging Face models onto Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Inference solution in AWS EC2

  • How AWS is innovating responsibly to deliver tools such as Amazon Q and Amazon CodeWhisperer so that builders can focus on meaningful work that drives impact for their customers

Customer Success Stories: There were presentations from AWS customers who shared their experiences and success stories with using AWS services. These case studies offered valuable insights into real-world implementations and the benefits of leveraging the AWS platform.

Expo and Partner Booths: Expo area showcased booths from AWS partners, sponsors, and exhibitors where I explored the latest products of AWS Cloud/ GenAI/ML services and solutions from AWS and its ecosystem partners, as well as engaged with experts and industry representatives.

It was a great opportunity for me where I learned, interacted with experts, and updated on the latest innovations and best practices in AWS Cloud/GenAI/ML technologies.

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