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Where To Buy Clarks Desert Boots

Determined and convinced of his idea, Nathan crossed a pond to exhibit his shoe in 1949 at the Chicago shoe show. There he was able to show to influential editors and people, in general, liked it. It was a more casual boot alternative that had been unseen at this point in time. With all that positive feedback and encouragement, he went back to England and produced the first range of desert boots which were sold exclusively in the US.

where to buy clarks desert boots

His discovery of the Desert Boot was made either at Staff College in 1944 or on leave in Kashmir where three divisions of the old Eighth Army (transferred to the Far East from North Africa) were wearing ankle-high suede boots manufactured in the bazaars of Cairo. Nathan sent sketches and rough patterns back to Bancroft, but no trials were made until after he returned to Street and cut the patterns himself.

Clarks announced in July 2017, it was restarting manufacturing Desert Boots, using a new manufacturing unit featuring "robot-assisted" technology, at its headquarters in Street, Somerset. Up to 300,000 pairs a year of desert boots were to be made at the unit, creating up to eighty technical and managerial jobs. However, in January 2019 the company announced that this unit was to be closed, after failing to meet production targets.[57]

A simple way to ensure your desert boots make it past the 18-month mark is to wear them less frequently. If you wear them two or three times a week and let them rest with shoe trees, you should have them for several years.

Undeterred, in 1948 Clark established Clarks Australia, where he began peddling the shoes, which would find their way to the West Indies and Jamaica (where they found surprising popularity among the rudeboys of Kingston). Soon post-war America began to call to Clark, particularly the Chicago Shoe Fair, where the Desert Boots made their stateside debut. Between the boots innate Britishness and their casual but still stylish manner (something that had yet to be seen in a shoe before), Americans were instantly smitten. Unable to ignore their popularity any longer, the company at last began to mass produce the shoes.

The original desert boots earned their stripes serving the military, but these were destined for an even higher calling: as the shoe of choice for Daniel Craig's James Bond. The suede is noticeably more luxurious, the construction is hefty enough to withstand a car explosion (and comfortable enough to help you outrun the bad guys on foot), and the moccasin-adjacent silhouette sure doesn't hurt, either. Trust us: if they can handle the everyday rigors demanded of Her Majesty's secret service, they can handle an unexpected sun shower on your way to work.

So, what you're saying is that it's not easy being with someone green? We kid, we kid. You're in luck actually. More and more labels are embracing sustainable manufacturing practices and organic and eco-friendly fabrics. Steven Alan, who made a name for himself with his dressed-up/dressed-down style, just launched a small collection of his signature button-downs cut from butter soft organic cotton. Complete the look with a tie from sustainable luxury label Coto, which crafts ties from naturally-produced silks using AZO-free dyes, and a pair of classic desert boots cut from hemp cloth.

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