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FSX P3D3 4 Richer Simulations Barbados 2017 Incl Airport DRM Free [REPACK]

Formerly, the airport was called Seawell Airport, and later Grantley Adams International Airport, prior to Grantley Adams Airport, dedicated to the first premier of Barbados, Sir Grantley Herbert Adams, who served for 15 years as leader of Barbados. The airport, located in Christ Church, was one of the few airports where Concorde aircraft landed, and was the first Concorde flight to arrive in Barbados.[ citation needed ]Today, the airport is part of the Barbados International Airport Authority (BIAA).

FSX P3D3 4 Richer Simulations Barbados 2017 Incl Airport DRM Free

In 2013, the BIAA was given $10 million by the US Department of Transportation for the upgrade of the airport in preparation of what was, in 2014, named Grantley Adams International Airport. The airport is located in Seawell, Barbados.

File Name: Seawell Airport for FSX Version 2. This scenery represents a complete redevelopment of the stock FSX airport and reflects the state of the airport in 2007/2008. Added features - sharper remade ground photoreal area, fixed crash issues, better performance, rebuilt lighting, building texture updates and new added buildings and GA apron. Consult readme file for more info. ** FSX ONLY **. Enjoy your visit to sunny Barbados!

File Name: Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), (IATA: BGI, ICAO: TBPB) is found in Seawell, Christ Church on the island of Barbados. The former name of the airport was Seawell Airport before being dedicated in honour of the first Premier of Barbados, Sir Grantley Herbert Adams in 1976. The airport's timezone is GMT 4, and is located in World Area Code region #246 (by the U.S. Department of Transportation). GAIA is the only designated port of entry for persons arriving and departing by air in Barbados.


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