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We found 1228 resources for you..

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In the present study, exosomes were extracted from transfected human BM-MSCs and co-cultured with gastric cancer cells. It turned out over-expression of miR-1228 inhibited proliferation, invasion, migration and accelerated apoptosis of gastric cancer cells. Furthermore, we found that MMP-14 was a potential downstream target of miR-1228 through Bioinformatics Online. MMP-14 is an important member of matrix metalloproteinases family. Kasurinen et al. indicate the association between high expression of MMP-14and poor prognosis of patients with gastric cancer [33], while Zheng et al. mention that miR-584-3p inhibits the progression of gastric cancer by inhibiting Yin Yang 1-facilitated MMP-14 expression [34]. In this study, over-expression of miR-1228 inhibited the expression of MMP-14 protein in gastric cancer cells, while suppression of miR-1228 expression increased it, which suggests that miR-1228 participates in the progression of gastric cancer by regulating MMP-14. In order to verify the role of miR-1228 in regulating MMP-14, we co-cultured exosomes derived from miR-1228-mimics and sh-MMP-14 transfected human BM-MSCs with gastric cancer cells. The results showed that after co-culture, the effects of sh-MMP-14 on promoting proliferation, invasion, and migration of gastric cancer cells were weakened, thus accelerating apoptosis. Therefore, the over-expression of miR-1228 inhibited the growth of gastric cancer cells by down-regulating the expression of MMP-14.

Circular RNAs often serve as sponges of miRNAs [14]. To explore the functional mechanism of hsa_circ_100395, we search the potential target miRNA. We identified miR-1228. Through luciferase reporter assay, RNA pulldown and RNA-FISH, we validated the association between hsa_circ_100395 and miR-1228 in lung cancer cells. Previous studies indicated that miR-1228 promotes cancer development. For instance, Lin et al. reported that miR-1228 targets SCAI to facilitate breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion [28]. Zhang et al. showed that miR-1228 promotes hepatoma progression. However, the role of miR-1228 in lung cancer has not been illustrated [29]. We demonstrated that miR-1228 level was dramatically elevated in lung cancer tissues and also served an oncogene. Although we analyzed the association between hsa_circ_100395 and ten predicted target miRNAs (Data not shown), we only found that hsa_circ_100395 interacts with miR-1228 (Figure 3(e)). Whether other miRNAs are related to hsa_circ_100395 needs further investigation.

Butterfly #1228 was a pet released for the 2009 Littlest Pet Shop: Country Friends (Nintendo DS) and Littlest Pet Shop: Friends (Wii) games. It was not produced as a physical pet, but was given a number that was printed on both the game case and accompanying booklet. It is titled "Mystery Pet," as the player only later discovers the pet's transformation. This is one of many mysterious "Missing Numbers" listed on many LPS resources, as many are not aware of the pets' existence within the series. 041b061a72


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