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Download Endless Blade: Idle RPG APK for Android - Free Adventure Game with Mod Features

Description : Endless Quest Hades Blade Free idle RPG Games - a nice RPG project where the protagonist explores randomly generated locations in automatic mode. Battles are similar. Players just have to use a variety of skills and super hits on time. And since there are many enemies and these are often very dangerous, this activity requires attention and responsibility. Otherwise, death is guaranteed. You also need to spend trophies on purpose to pump and discover new qualities of the station. He is balanced and ready for meetings with bosses and their henchmen. Features : * Knights fight automatically, earn coins, idle level-up. * Click skills fight with monsters. * No need to connect network to play games. * Knights fight continuously when the game is closed, and receive offline rewards next time. * Double Summon monsters in combat. * Story Mode, Endless Mode, Mission Mode are waiting for challenge.

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