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Since ancient times, minerals have been used for self-decoration and adornment. The famed beauty, Cleopatra herself, is a prime example, using kohl around the eyes to craft her staple look. Since then, modern techniques have evolved mineral makeup into a truly miraculous creation.

buy mineral makeup


Most products, even some vegan makeup brands, use heavy oils, waxes, preservatives and chemicals in their makeup, which make your face feel heavy, smear throughout the day and ultimately irritate the skin. Common drugstore and makeup counter options clog pores and give the skin no room to breathe.

In addition, most makeup has added fragrances, which induce flare ups for most skin, especially any that are prone to acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. With mineral makeup, the natural ingredients and non-chemical, no-fragrance recipes are good to the skin.

Mineralissima mineral makeup is carefully designed to make sensitive skin look and feel healthy, containing no artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens or preservatives. With a short and clear ingredient-list, the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced. People with sensitive skin can finally apply make-up daily without any worries!

Mineral makeup is more versatile than other types of makeup. The make-up easily adapts to your needs. When working with pure pigments which can be found in mineral make-up, you can mix almost every powder to achieve your own desired colour.Because mineral makeup is so pure, the products have a long shelf life. The powders contain nothing that helps bacteria to grow, so you don't pay for something that spoils quickly. Not only do most products have an excellent shelf life, but the pigments in our mineral makeup are so well-balanced that the makeup also stays on your skin for a long time.

Trying out different makeup brands can get tiring. Once you've used Mineralissima products and seen the results, you'll see the difference between mineral-based makeup and normal makeup. The beautiful shine, the light feeling and the beautiful coverage make it impossible to turn your back on this makeup. And how beautiful it is that beauty products can be kind to the earth, to your skin and to the animals as we make sure that no animal has to suffer for our products.

Mineralissima products have a long shelf life. You want to be able to enjoy your products as long as possible without having to throw them away because the best-before date has passed. Our mineral make-up products are inorganic and contain no ground for bacteria growth. However, we do recommend that after opening your packaging, the product is replaced after one year because the makeup brushes which come into contact with the skin can possibly transfer bacteria into the makeup.

Mineralissima offers a wide range with different product categories. Once you know how it works, mineral makeup is great to work with and you can create many different looks regardless of your skin tone. Do you find loose powders a little tricky to work with? Take a look at our growing range of pressed products. In addition to the well-known foundations, you can also choose from a great range of blushers, bronzers, lip products and mascara. There's a multitude of colours to choose from, or mix the colours yourself to create your own unique colour blend.

As described above, we do not add chemicals or preservatives (with the exception of our mascara and eyeliners) to the products and perfume is also avoided. Mineral make-up fuses with the skin's natural oils without clogging the pores. Mineral makeup is often recommended after chemical treatments or laser peelings for a good reason; the soothing properties can calm irritated skin after facial tratments and due to its pure form it is gentle on the skin. The minerals in the makeup adhere to the skin, melting with the natural skin oil, without clogging the pores. Our products are safe and suitable for people with allergies, gluten sensitivities and other skin problems. However, always consult a doctor or skin specialist to make sure mineral makeup is safe in case of serious skin problems.

Our cosmetics contain only pure minerals and our ingredients are of natural origin. Our suppliers are carefully selected for quality and they must be able to demonstrate that no child labour is used in the process. By avoiding chemical components, the use of our products is not only safe for the user, but also for the environment. Mineralissima products are designed for high coverage. The ingredients are carefully balanced to make your skin glow. We believe in beauty without cruelty and none of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals. All our products are manufactured in Europe and mostly in the Netherlands. We are proud that our range is 100% vegan.

Say goodbye to the caked-on look of traditional makeup. Mineral make-up is easy to apply and not only feels like a second skin, it also has a natural result. Your skin can simply 'breathe' during the day and you can easily remove it again with the facial cleansers you are used to.

Mineral makeup helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps hide and often even reduce acne or skin problems. Mineralissima gives the skin a healthy, natural glow, making you look younger and more vibrant. Both women and men experience excellent results with our products.

Dear True Color,I want to promote your company and shout how much I love this product from the top of a mountain. so I have held onto my original eyeshadow from the late 90's (I know one shoudln't keep products for so long BUT this product stands the test of time) because I loved it so much. It's mineral makeup and I had my senior photos taken wearing this product ( ive been out of highschool for 20 yrs) i dropped in the sink the other mornig and I literally cried, thinking there goes 20 years down the drain. well I saved as much of it as i could and as i am putting the product back into the container I was thinking and luckily I could still read what the product was called and by who made it so I went to work and l;ogged on to your website and was pleasantly suprised and elated that this product still exists . This is such a quality product ( good enough to save for 20+ years) and The world needs to know how amazing you are!!! the powder eyeshadow just melts ontomy eyelids and it looks like its my skin. it stays all day and the color never loses it vibrance. quality, quality stuff, man. I do not want to live in a worild that does not have True Color eyeshadow. Thank you so much for still existing and for making a product that stands the test of time. I love you!!

Dermatologist recommended - this mineral-based formula features zinc oxide and titanium oxide to block harmful UV rays, as well as a few oil-absorbing ingredients to help keep excess sebum at bay. Dr Graf

Not all 'mineral makeup' is the same. Our range was hand-formulated specifically for super sensitive skin, from scatch and tested on real skin. It is so gentle that even if you have reactive skin, with conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema you can still get glowing comfortable coverage that does not look like a mask - Find out how and why our range is so good and effective!

No lie! By far the best product. I hate makeup and being caked up. This does what it needs to, hide the unwanted marks but keep the ones you want like my freckles. So subtle and light on the face! Absolutely love it!!!

Eliminating all known skin irritants and pore cloggers from the ingredients list, The Good Mineral is founded and formulated by sisters Ego & Natasha Iwegbu. Both passionate about easy clean beauty for acne-prone sensitive skin, they've come together to bring you makeup that actually supports your skin and skincare routines, while looking fabulous! #TheGoodMineral #CleanGirlMakeup #LovesYouBack

We use only 100% pure, natural minerals, antioxidants and botanicals. No chemicals here! We are patented, published and clinically tested to provide skin care today and long-term skin health improvement over time. Wearable shades, flawless finishes, and unmatched sun protection.

Our mineral based makeup of foundation, concealer, eye shadow and more is free of the dyes and synthetics that are typically used in conventional cosmetics. You will not find talc, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or nanoparticles in our products. What you will find is an abundance of the natural minerals your skin loves, such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide. And our mica is responsibility sourced from vendors who do not use child labor.

Mineral makeup is more than just a new beauty trend - it offers health benefits for skin as well. And now you can make it at home!It's made of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth, without many of the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives found in traditional makeup.I have VERY sensitive skin, and have had trouble in the past with commercial makeup (even store-bought mineral makeup!) being too heavily fragrances, or containing irritants like bismuth oxychloride.This formula eliminates classic irritants so that it's kinder to the skin.Since it contains titanium dioxide which has anti-inflammatory properties, it also has a calming effect on the skin, particularly important if you suffer from inflammatory problems such as rosacea or acne.AND I've added micronized zinc oxide to give it an SPF rating, helping to further protect skin from damage and wrinkles.By making your own at home, you can control not only the purity of the ingredients you use, you can also create a custom color, matched exactly to your own skin tone!

The problem I've had with commercial mineral base and sunscreen (Brush On Block) is that the color oxidizes in the container and gets way too dark before I can use it. Any suggestions to either prevent this, or a way to color it over time to counteract this? (I think mixing in white would just make it "ghosty.") (I always store mineral makeup in dark containers and have tried the refridgerator.)Some say it oxidizes on their face and gets dark too. I haven't seen this but I don't think it would be noticeable since I use it on my neck as well. It's also very gradual. Anyone else?I am going to try this recipe with a few tweaks thanks to all the great comments and suggestions. I have been looking for a great, affordable mineral powder that I can use as a sunscreen, and to seal my moisturizer and summertime-sunscreen so it doesn't melt my makeup. 041b061a72


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