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Classic Botter 7.4 Tibia: A Review of Features and Benefits

Don't forget to check out the new script that makes message windows come up on the map even when you are not online. It is mostly for Tibia's newer users but it is a time and cost saving feature that we had to add so be sure to install it!

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We hope that, in the coming weeks, you have benefited from the important changes that we have made to Tibia for our anniversary. However, we want to assure you that the development of the future will continue, and that there will be many more improvements to come in the future. We wish you a wonderful start of the season and we invite you to enjoy the great future of Tibia, which is very near.

Precisa de mais visibilidade em seus projetos Quer fazer um plano publicitrio para o seu servidor Anuncie no Tibia King e faa sua divulgao, possumos centenas de acessos simultneos e milhares dirios, com certeza ser a sua soluo! Acesse nossa loja de anncios

It was crucial for us to allow you to set the pace at which you want to explore this novel aspect of Tibia. Therefore, you can find many sound options in the options menu to change your settings as you please and choose the sound experience you prefer.

We have created a sound package which works great to get started and to feel the atmosphere of Tibia. It starts with the classic theme of Tibia and allows you to seamlessly enter the game. You can dive into the Tibian landscape to explore all regions and experience the real ambience of Tibia. Feel the tension in our new soundtrack section at the website.

Why not give it a try and experience the whole sound package, including battle cries, Tibia's anthem and signatures, and how they work with the atmosphere of Tibia. You can download this package for free. It's a great starter pack and if you like it, we have about ten more packages at various different speeds you can try out, they all work great for the atmosphere of Tibia.


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