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Through the eval though, we had some questions come up about general usage which went pretty well - but our technical resource could log directly into our instance, without us setting up or authorizing this at all which made me curious, so I started digging into it and we have no visibility or audit trail on logins or logged in users - and he wasn't a user in our list, but could create and modify policy for our entire org. This worried me, and thinking on it, it looked like the sales guy had this same level of access as well - likely for demo purposes, but still, essentially a god view org wide over there, it sounds like.

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Adding... to test this theory, I have attached a simple code example. See if you can program this multiple times without failure. Note, I had to give a file extension .aaa so the file would upload and not just the contents. Please download and rename to FR2433_test_code.txt


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