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A Rage To Live (1965) __EXCLUSIVE__

Problems ensue when lusty contractor Roger Bannon, the son of one of her mother's former servants, confesses to Grace he's been in love with her for years. An affair ensues and when she eventually ends it, he becomes enraged, gets drunk, and accidentally crashes his truck, killing himself. Reports of his death include details about his tryst with Grace, rumors which reach her husband. Under pressure, Grace admits her guilt to him and swears it will never happen again. At this point, however, the wife of newspaper editor Jack Hollister, who is also in love with Grace, makes a scene during a charity ball accusing Grace of seducing her husband. Sidney, who witnesses the scene, is once more convinced that his wife has lied to him and goes away. Grace runs after him, swearing she had nothing with Jack Hollister. Still, Sidney departs, leaving her behind in a state of despair.

A Rage to Live (1965)

Wise Wretch! with Pleasures too refin'd to please,With too much Spirit to be e'er at ease,With too much Quickness ever to be taught,With too much Thinking to have common Thought:You purchase Pain with all that Joy can give,And die of nothing but a Rage to live.[4]

A Rage to Live (1965)A fabulous movie, well written, beautifully filmed and acted, intense and fast and beautiful, a real dramatic drama. And Suzanne Pleshette as the star is an astonishment, subtle and sharp and exactly what her part demands as the rich and sexually charged girl in a sleepy Pennsylvania town. Her two main men, played by Ben Gazzara and Bradford Dillman, are right on as well, and throw in Peter Graves as a third man in her life, and you get the range of characters and a sense of the plot. Yes, she's pulled by a handsome guy whether it's her husband or not.And yet she never comes off to me as the "tramp" that some call her. She's warm and generous and seems to just be living her life as a nice person, even regretting her slipping off the straight and narrow now and then. The town's reaction is startling and believable. A really fabulous situation, a soap opera of sorts, but given a wonderful sense of form and pace and eventually high drama. Director Walter Grauman is not a household name of course, and he directed mainly television, but he makes this a very slick and powerful production. The second half, especially, where Gazzara and Pleshette have a lot of screen time together, develops emotionally. Yes, the turns and conflicts are not total surprises, but they're well placed. Gazzara might be familiar to some for his role in "Anatomy of a Murder" across from Jimmy Stewart. Pleshette had a career with few great movies, but she did appear (second to Tippy Hedron) in "The Birds."A vastly underrated movie, coming just a year or so before the big shift in styles and "New Hollywood." It's widescreen black and white, quite a treat to watch on every level. I guarantee it'll rise in value over the next decade.

"The story of Grace Caldwell Tate really began in the back seat of a car... ...and went from man..."Grace Caldwell, a young heiress to a newspaper mogul, lives with her mother. She struggles to control her feelings for men. When the news of her behavior gets out, it causes serious problems for her mother and her brother Brock. At a Christmas party, Grace meets Sidney Tate, a gracious farmer. They fall in love and he proposes to her. Grace accepts, but clearly tells him that she has done things in the past that she is not proud of. Sidney is shocked by Grace's openness, but still wants to marry her. Grace promises to be faithful. A promise she wants to keep until an old acquaintance, Roger Bannon, reenters her life.

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Staid Fort Penn, Pennsylvania. High school student and underage minor Grace Caldwell (Suzanne Pleshette), of Fort Penn's most wealthy, influential family, walks home to her mansion, and to the accompaniment of some dirty sax music, strips down for a shower (this is getting good....). Little does she know as she stands in impressive silhouette that Charlie Jay (Mark Goddard), the lunk-headed friend of Grace's brother, Brock Caldwell (Linden Chiles), is watching her, waiting. Not satisfied with her good-natured put-downs to leave, Brock forces himself on Grace, but only at first; his assault awakens in Grace a powerful sexual response that she embraces. Continuing her sexual relationship with Charlie (along with other boys, as well), she's eventually caught, but the scandal is contained by her mother, Emily (Carmen Mathews), as well as her concerned brother Brock, who's worried Grace will turn into a tramp. Grace, however, says what she feels for a man when he makes love to her isn't "settling." It's "almost love," and she's powerless to deny it. After promising to "be good," for her brother, Grace meets quiet, morally upright future farmer of America Sidney Tate (Bradford Dillman), who defends Grace's honor when Charlie Jay gets mouthy in a restaurant. Grace likes that...but she also likes seeing former tennis pro Jack Hollister (Peter Graves), whose new wife, Amy (Bethel Leslie), knows a tramp threat when she sees one. Marriage to Sidney seems like a good dampener for Grace's "central problem," as her family doctor (James Gregory) puts it...but she doesn't count on the sweaty, manly charms of aspiring engineer Roger Bannon (Ben Gazzara), who has been keeping his eye on Grace for years. 041b061a72


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