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Monstrum (v1.5.0) Free Download

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Monstrum (v1.5.0) Free Download

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Monstrum Extended Settings Mod Readme:Below you will find help for managing the mod as well as additional information about it.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation Instructions (Read very carefully):1. Extract and move the contents of this folder to the root of the Monstrum game on your computer. You can access this via Steam by clicking on the settings of the game and choosing "Browse local files".2. Download "" from . You may have to click on the title of the latest version or on the Assets drop down menu if you do not see the file.3. Extract Partiality to a memorable place on your computer.4. Launch the batch file called "Partiality Launcher" inside the Partiality folder.5. Press on "File" and "Open Game" in the top left corner of the window.6. Navigate to Monstrum's root and double click on the executable file called "Monstrum".7. Tick the box for "Monstrum Extended Settings Mod.dll".8. Press "Apply Mods" at the bottom of the window and wait until the window "Mod results" appears.If you need additional help with the installation and usage of Partiality you can view a video by Partiality's creator on the process here: Youtube.comIMPORTANT: If you used a previous standalone version of the mod (1.0, 1.1 or 1.2), you need to uninstall it before installing a newer Partiality version (2.0+).----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Usage Instructions:1. Navigate your file explorer to the root of the Monstrum game on your computer. As before, you can access this via Steam by clicking on the settings of the game and choosing "Browse local files".2. Open the text file called "modSettings".3. Read the instructions at the top and for each setting very carefully.4. Change the settings to what you want.5. Launch the game in one of the following ways:- Steam;- The executable file called "Monstrum" located in the game's root;- The batch file called "Partiality Launcher Quick Launch" in the Partiality folder;- The batch file called "Partiality Launcher" by pressing "Apply Mods" at the bottom of the window and "Yes" in the prompt that appears once the process is completed.6. If the mod is installed correctly and your settings are in the right format, the mod will show confirmation text on the loading screen after starting a new game.IMPORTANT: A few settings will require a full restart of the game for proper performance, which are labelled appropriately in the "modSettings" file. Most settings typically only require you to start a new game via the in-game menu to update. If the game stops reading your settings correctly, download the mod again to get a clean settings file.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How To Disable The Mod:You can disable the mod in one of the following ways:- Change the setting "Enable Mod" to false in the "modSettings" text file located in Monstrum's root.- Untick the box for "Monstrum Extended Settings Mod" while running the Partiality Launcher and press "Apply Mods" at the bottom of the window.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How To Uninstall The Mod (Only step 1 is necessary, but the other steps will remove any additional folders and files left behind):1. Access the Steam settings for Monstrum and click "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES..." under Properties/LOCAL FILES.2. If any of the folders from the mod or those created by Partiality remain, remove them from Monstrum's root. These are:- "ModDependencies"- "Mods"- "PartialityHashes"- "Managed_backup" inside "Monstrum_Data"3. If any of the files from the mod or those created by Partiality remain, remove them. These are:- "HOOKS-Assembly-CSharp.dll", "mod dependencies go here", "MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.dll", "MonoMod.Utils.dll", "Partiality.dll", "patchedUnityEngine.pdb" and "YamlDotNet.dll" in "Managed" inside "Monstrum_Data"- "appid"- "consoleLog"- "exceptionLog"- "modSettings"4. Uninstall Partiality by deleting the folder you created for it.5. Delete this text file ("MESM Readme").6. Delete the PartialityLauncher and Monstrum Extended Settings Mod zip files you downloaded if not deleted already.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Information About The Mod And Other Notes:This is a mod that allows you to customise additional settings that you are normally unable to.If you use the mod in a video or stream, please link others to the mod in the description so that they know where to get it.If you wish to talk more about the mod you can join Team Junkfish's Discord server (the creators of Monstrum) at and talk about it in the channel #monstrum-mods. This is also where in development versions are frequently posted.Additionally, if you wish to find out more about the mod's development, its code, or want to help in a more direct way, you can join the Discord server dedicated to the mod at . This server is not very active though.If your mod stops working after using it for a while and a new settings file does not fix the issue, or the game does not run normally again after uninstalling the mod and validating Monstrum's files, download a clean copy of the game via the Steam console. There is a guide on the console available here: Bugs Or Getting Further Help:Please contact the creator of the mod on Discord at Precipitator#5613.You can do this either by adding them as a friend or by joining Team Junkfish's Discord server (the creators of Monstrum) at and reporting the bug in the channel #monstrum-mods .It would aid in solving the issue to upload the "consoleLog", "exceptionLog" and "modSettings" text files when reporting a bug. You must save the logs after the bug occurs, as each time you start Monstrum again these files are wiped.IMPORTANT: Please do not contact any of the other people on the credits list for reporting bugs or getting help as they offered specialised assistance with development of the mod and do not know very much about how it works.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credits:- Precipitator#5613 - Developer of the mod.- DevilNaiden#3379 - Early help through discussion about modding the game as well as motivation to develop the mod.- Nils#3253 - Early remodelling of Many Monsters Mode to allow for the spawning of infinite monsters instead of just three. The Spawn Monsters In Starter Room Feature and Varying Monster Sizes Mode.- bee#2660 - Creating advanced code to help with specific problems related to Partiality modding.- ArieX - - The creation of the Monstrum Multihack, which offered some late inspiration and code examples of additional features used in the M.E.S. mod.- An anonymous person for creating the foundation for noclip mode and the cloning of items. 041b061a72


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