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[S1E1] What A Night For A Knight

While walking home from the movies, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo discover a black suit of armor in a pickup truck, and the gang deliver it to the local museum. The kids later break into the museum to search for clues, after learning that the archaeologist who was transporting the suit is missing, and they find that the knight's armor has come to life.

[S1E1] What a Night for a Knight

When Scooby-Doo and Shaggy find an abandoned pick-up truck with a knight's armour in the front seat, the gang deliver it to the museum in place of the missing professor. However, this Black Knight is said to come alive every full moon. As the gang investigate the knight, they realize that it is a full moon, and the knight has come alive...!

They return with the rest of the gang to properly examine it. Fred wonders why a knight's suit of armor would be out alone in the middle of the night in the driver seat of a truck. Shaggy jokes that maybe he's out for the night. Velma chides him for his joke, as Daphne wonders who it belongs to. Fred reads: "Deliver to Jameson Hyde White: Prof. of Archaeology, London, England." Shaggy makes another joke about having heard of hide and seek, but not "Hyde White," prompting Velma to explain that is an English name. Daphne also finds a delivery slip reading: "Deliver to the County Museum."

The next day, the gang travels to the museum, where they deliver the knight to the museum curator, Mr. Wickles. He thanks them, but fears that it wasn't a good idea considering that Professor Hyde White disappeared. Wickles explains about the legend of the Black Knight and how it comes to life when the moon is full. Velma asks him what Professor Hyde White was doing with it (despite having already found out beforehand), and Wickles replies that the professor was delivering it to the museum all the way from England. In the background, the knight's glowing eyes go unnoticed. Two workers begin to move the crate, one of them asking Mr. Wickles where to put it. They take it out as Wickles tells them to put it in the medieval room. As Scooby follows the workers, he finds a strange pair of glasses on an egyptian animal statue. As he picks them up, Daphne calls for him and Fred says that it's time for them to leave.

Scooby hears a sound rustling from the bushes and it turns out to be a frog. He runs after the frog and the two friends discover a deserted pick-up truck with knight. The head falls off it. They scram, scared, returning with the rest of the Mystery Incorporated team: Fred, Velma and Daphne.

Operating as a mercenary in Sudan, former US Marine Marc Spector turns on his ally Raoul Bushman when the latter kills an archeologist as the man's daughter watches. After being mortally wounded by the rather nasty Bushman, Spector dies in front of a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. The ancient deity revives Spector, with a mission to serve as the "moon's knight."

She then ends up encountering two girls from the Day Class sneaking around, even though it's night; she climbs down from the roof with the help of a tree branch. She asks them what they were doing, and they reply that they came to take some pictures of the Night students. Two of the Night students (Hanabusa and Akatsuki) suddenly appear, saying that they were drawn by the scent of blood. Hanabusa grabs Yuki's hand, looking at the wound she has on it from climbing down. He then proceeds to drink some blood from the wound, much to the fright of the two Day Class students, who faint from shock. Zero then arrives, just as Hanabusa was about to drink blood from Yuki's neck, and nearly shoots one of them with his Bloody Rose gun. Kaname then arrives, and takes the two other vampires back to the Headmaster for punishment, after erasing the memory of the two human girls.

The first episode of Moon Knight isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but it is an interesting start to what is looking to be one of Marvel's more unique-looking series. However, the thing with the Marvel series is that they really aren't that built for week-to-week viewing. The ending of this episode, with the reveal of the costume and whatnot, is a good ending for a pilot episode. Still, "The Goldfish Problem" is also an episode that could be very confusing to people unfamiliar with this lore. Moon Knight has always been one of Marvel's weirder characters before you have to tackle one of the more complex mental illnesses.

In terms 0f this taking place within the Marvel universe, the connections are small and inconsequential, which is actually very refreshing. None of the Marvel Disney+ shows have been particularly approachable for fans that don't know anything about Marvel, but someone could easily watch this episode of Moon Knight and not miss anything because there is so little to miss. The Easter Eggs are there for the ones that want to see them, but they aren't so obvious that the show lingers on them, even if the extended Avatar joke was extremely cringing to watch play out. You own all the things Disney, we know, can we move on now? However, what this episode does have might be one of the best scenes when it comes to introducing a villain without words that we've seen in a long time. With a simple action, we know exactly the kind of insane Arthur Harrow is, and that is the kind of show don't tell television we love to see.

The next morning, Grant is adamant that what happened was real. He pressures J.B. to show him that security footage from the night before. On the footage, Grant sees himself getting chased by nothing, all in his imagination. He then sees himself walking out of the bathroom and staring cold face into the camera. Afterwards, Grant is called into his manager's office and is fired for the events of last night. He sadly returns to his flat and finds a key to a storage unit. Upon arriving at the unit, Grant found the Golden Scarab, many passports, and guns. He then saw his reflection in the mirror. Spector explains that he is the avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. He is Khonshu's Moon Knight. He then asks for control of the body, but Grant refuses and says he is going to take it to the police. As Grant runs out, he sees Khonshu in the distance. He starts running from Khonshu and exits the building. He falls down in the street where a scooter almost runs over him. The woman turns out the be El-Faouly, who tells Grant to hop on, not knowing that Spector is gone. Grant is confused, but hops on the ride with the El-Faouly.

Suddenly, Harrow's men approach. While Grant is passed out, El-Faouly uses a flare to ignite the explosives in the back of their truck, killing them. They arrive at the location of Ammit's tomb and go inside. However, Harrow's men are there as well. Inside, Grant and El-Faouly are split up. El-Faouly encounters Heka Priests, who kill Billy Fitzgerald. After almost getting killed, El-Faouly is able to escape from the threat. Harrow then greets her and tries to tell her the truth about her father. He tells her that Spector had something to do with it. She then leaves before he could say more. Meanwhile, Grant finds a tomb, which turns out to be the tomb of Alexander the Great. He marvels at the fact that he is there before remembering the objective. He grabs Ammit's Ushabti, which is the key for Harrow to let Ammit loose on the world. He is then found by El-Faouly, who questions him. Seeing her anger, Grant allows Spector control of the body. Spector explains what happened the night that Bushman turned on him. Harrow then walks into the room. Spector grabs an ax an prepares to fight. Harrow wastes no time and shoots Spector, killing him.

Moon Knight is the sixth Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show after WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If, and Hawkeye. The show features the story of Marc Spector, a mercenary who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The TV show definitely flaunts an incredible cast; however, what makes Moon Knight special is its dark and gritty tone. While being the story of a superhero, Moon Knight dives deep into the problem of mental health.

The jousting tournament is a bloody and barbaric affair, mostly between knights that have never known real war. Daemon defeats Otto's son, and looks pretty damn smug about it. But he, in turn, loses to the mysterious and handsome Ser Criston Cole, upon whom Rhaenyra bestows her favor. Remember his name, he'll figure largely in what's coming.

In the locker room, Meredith bonds with another intern, Cristina Yang. They discover that they have the same resident, Bailey or "The Nazi". Overhearing the conversation, another introduces himself as George O'Malley. He talks nervously and tells Meredith that they met last night. He describes what she was wearing but quickly stops when he realizes they think he is gay. The three interns (along with another intern, an ex-model, Isobel Stevens) are called out to go to Bailey. Walking up to Bailey, they are shocked to see she is a woman (and not a nazi either). Isobel suggests that the nickname may be professional jealousy. Cristina scoffs but nevertheless, Isobel introduces herself to Bailey, telling her that she is Isobel Stevens but that everyone calls her Izzie. Bailey ignores the introduction, shows them their equipment, gives them a short tour and tells them her rules. She then receives a page and she and the interns run onto the roof. On the roof, a chopper lands and gives details on the patient (Katie Bryce) who is having seizures. In the hospital, the interns and nurses inject Katie who finally stops moving. Another doctor, Preston Burke, walks in and describes her as a wet fish on dry land. He then orders them to do all the basic tests. George is work ups, Cristina is to do labs, Meredith is assigned to Katie Bryce and to get her a CT. Izzie is ordered to perform rectal exams by a smiling Bailey.

Outside of Liones, Alioni, a young squire, walks through a desecrated residential area with an older knight. They stop at the site of a bloody battle, where dozens of Holy Knights lay dead. The knight explains that all of them were killed in the blink of an eye by only seven people. 041b061a72


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