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Bitcoin Miner is a fun mobile game that simulates a crypto mining business. The game represents a fusion of tapping to collect coins with methodical strategy as you find the most optimal way to build your mining farm. But the twist is that you get paid real Bitcoin while simulating an activity that would generate new Bitcoin in the real world.


ConcernedApe's farming simulator Stardew Valley is all about reconnecting with nature and settling into small-town life, all while getting to know the neighbors and forging new relationships. The retro-style game isn't predominately about making money, but the new farmer in town is going to need a whole lot of cash to fund their progress and success.

While this game is absolutely not a simulator in the traditional sense---it definitely leans more on the puzzle side---Farm Heroes Saga is a good alternative for people who want to play something farming-related for a few minutes each night. 041b061a72


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