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The 72 Names of God and Their Sigils: A Practical Ebook for Accessing Angelic Power, Wisdom and Change

The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change Ebook Rar

Do you want to unlock your magical potential and access the power of the divine? Do you want to manifest your desires, transform your life, gain insight into yourself and the world, and create positive change? If so, then you need this ebook rar that contains the most effective and easy-to-use form of magic known: The 72 Sigils of Power.

The 72 Sigils Of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom And Change Ebook Rar


The 72 Sigils of Power are visual symbols that contain one of the 72 Names of God. These are not ordinary names, but powerful three-letter words written in Hebrew that can activate angelic forces and unleash real magic. Whatever your beliefs or background, you can use these sigils to achieve your goals and improve your life.

This ebook rar contains everything you need to start using the sigils right away. You will learn how to activate them with a simple word of power, how to choose the right one for your purpose, and how to apply them in various areas of your life. You will also discover over 300 powers that include Manifestation, Transformation, Prosperity, Success, Healing, Recovery, and Love.

Whether you want to attract money, find love, heal yourself or others, develop your psychic abilities, or make a difference in the world, you will find a sigil that can help you. All you need is this ebook rar and a few minutes a day to practice.

The Basics of Sigil Magic

A sigil is a symbol that represents a specific intention or desire. By looking at a sigil and focusing on its meaning, you can imprint it on your subconscious mind and send a message to the universe. This way, you can align yourself with your goal and attract it into your reality.

To activate a sigil, you need a word of power that corresponds to it. A word of power is a sacred sound that vibrates at a certain frequency and resonates with the energy of the sigil. By saying or thinking the word of power while looking at the sigil, you can charge it with your intention and release it into the world.

To choose the right sigil for your purpose, you need to consult the table of contents and the index of this ebook rar. They will guide you to the sigil that matches your need and show you its name, image, word of power, and description. You can also browse through the ebook and see which sigil catches your eye or feels right for you.

The 72 Names of God and Their Powers

The 72 Names of God are not ordinary names, but powerful three-letter words written in Hebrew that can activate angelic forces and unleash real magic. They are derived from a mystical text called the Zohar, which is the main source of Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish tradition of mysticism.

The Zohar reveals that the 72 Names of God are hidden within three verses of the Book of Exodus, where God parts the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites. By combining the letters of these verses in a certain way, the 72 Names are revealed. Each name represents a different aspect of God's infinite power and wisdom.

To use the 72 Names of God, you don't need to understand any Hebrew or know anything about Kabbalah. The magic is encoded in the letters themselves, which are presented as clear, visual images in this ebook rar. You also don't need to worry about pronouncing them correctly, as the word of power that activates each sigil is written in English.

To use the table of contents and the index of this ebook rar, you need to know how to read the Hebrew letters. They are written from right to left, and each letter has a name and a sound. Here is a table that shows you how to read and write the Hebrew alphabet:






Ah or silent



B or V









H or silent



V or O or U






Ch (as in Bach)



T (harder than Dalet)



Y or I or Ee or silent


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Note: Some letters have different forms when they appear at the end of a word. These are called final forms and are shown in parentheses in the table above.

Note: Some letters have dots inside them called dagesh. These change the sound or stress of the letter. For example, Bet with a dagesh is pronounced B, while Bet without a dagesh is pronounced V.

Note: Some letters have marks above or below them called vowels. These indicate how to pronounce the letter or the word. For example, Alef with a line below it is pronounced Ah, while Alef with a dot above it is pronounced Eh.

Note: Some words have marks above them called cantillation. These indicate how to sing or chant the word in a synagogue service. They are not relevant for using the 72 Names of God.

Note: Some words have marks below them called punctuation. These indicate how to pause or stop when reading the word aloud. They are not relevant for using the 71b2f0854b


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