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i have hd-dvr with 1080i that is hdcp 2 protected. i use a 1080p hd dvd player along with hd-dvr instead of a regular dvd player. the player records onto a usb which i have connected to my other computer. hdcp 2 on 1080i has been an issue thus far, but i am able to record via the player without a problem. we now have a sony dvr, with all of hdcp 2 issues. i was wondering if anyone had a good solution to converting the hdmi 2 output from the sony dvr to one that would work with the players. i would think that splitting would be the answer, however, there are a lot of posts about people having problems getting hdcp 2 to go through that process. i can also not find very many splitters that have hdmi 2 and also usb. perhaps there is a better option?

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this has been a great thread. we have one of these dvrs and we have a roku box. our current recording setup is the dvr to a hd-dvr and back to our cable box. i was wondering if i could use the apple airport express to stream to the roku instead of the dvr. would that work and if so would the dvr be able to see it and record it?

the sony device doesnt understand the needed decoding software, which is why the output wont show in the tv. it is a sony hrx510 cable receiver, which i have tried converting using a splitter adapter, hoping the splitter would bypass the hdcp 2 encryption but it fails and the tv wont recognize the input. not sure what to do..

i am in the process of replacing the hd-dvr in my home that is out dated and receives a decodable signal in 1080i. my question is, what is the best way to handle this. currently it is receiving the signal through the hdmi cable to an hd-dvr that is natively sd and then back to a cable box that is hd. i also have an external hdmi cable to an hdtv that i could use, but i am worried about sd or 5.1 audio being encoded through the hdmi cable.


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