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Xarab.shx Autocad Font

in the previous post, we discussed how you can create marker symbols for use in a map document. when symbols such as these are displayed, the font of the symbol is used to represent the text. the font for these symbols can be specified in the symbol properties.

Xarab.shx Autocad Font

there are a number of reasons that fonts should be installed on your machines. the first and most important reason is that the fonts are used to render the symbols as seen in the map document. the symbols are rendered as a black graphic with white text against a white background. if you have arcmap, arcglobe, or arcscene installed, you should have a font installed on your machine.

when you install a font, the fonts should be placed in a folder that is available to the user. if the user has been using your map document, they will have a folder called fonts on their machine. if you want to install a font, you can do so from the windows system properties. in the windows properties, go to fonts. select add new font and then browse to the location of the font. finally, select the font and click add.

in arcmap, you can also add a new font for use in the map document by going to the symbol properties and clicking on the character tab. you will see the list of fonts available on your machine. clicking on the font will add it to the list and you can then select the font for use.

the font should also be installed on all of the machines that will be used to render symbols. this will allow all users to see the symbols. if you distribute your map document, you should install fonts on the users machines so that they can use your symbols correctly.


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