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Carlsbro Megamix 12 Dsp Manual

"MPL" stands for "Microphone/Program/Line" and the name describes the broadrange of signals which can be handled by this powerful console. In fact, thecompact design of the MPL 2242 belies an extraordinary versatility. Add excellentsound quality to the equation, and you've got a product which is equallyuseful as a live performance mixer, a keyboard submixer, or even a mainrecording mixer (you'll find descriptions of each of these applications at the conclusionof this manual). Here are some of the MPL 2242's main features:

Carlsbro Megamix 12 Dsp Manual

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But when connecting a pair of headphones, the left-hand connector delivers a normal stereo headphone signal, but the right-hand connector delivers the right output channel to the left headphone, and nothing to the right. This doesn't appear to be a fault as it is in keeping with the schematic in the manual, but why this configuration?


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