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The Bunker 69 PC Game Free NEW! Download

Boofie's Bunker is a survival horror game about escaping a bunker that the protagonist was mysteriously transported to. The story is non-linear and is told through memories. Memories are unlocked after winning each difficulty of each level. More levels are unlocked by further investigating sounds or out-of-the-ordinary things inside the bunker. The game varies in difficulty, but gets very difficult in the end. Perseverance is definitely rewarding. You're in for a treat if you finish all difficulties of each level.

The Bunker 69 PC Game Free Download

So, i decided to finally download this game and i used winrar to extract it (Extract Here) and i can boot up the game and run around but not for long tho, because it always seems to close out of the game, anyone know how to fix this?

you need to turn off your internet before opening the game (I found this out when looking at why joy of creation story mode was crashing and then decided to try it on boofie's bunker after it worked on joy of creation story mode) KEEP IT TURNED OFF UNTIL DONE PLAYING THE GAME (do this every time).

When I first downloaded this game it ran fine, but later when I went looking for Easter eggs my game froze on a black screen. Now whenever I try to play the game it lets me play the Christmas Challenge the Valentine's Day Challenge and Elaine's Memoir, but not the main game. If somebody could give me some advice of what to do about this, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Well I got some progress with the game, I can explore most of Artie's Memoir Easy First Level without it freezing up, I discovered DaveMicrowaveGames Secret Room but any movement after that closed out the game, I got one key but was unsuccessful taking it back to the door before it crashed again. Maybe tomorrow will be another day for progress.

Sorry to bother you but I'm having issues with this wonderful game, I downloaded it today after seeing it on youtube and couldn't really make it into the game, after a couple seconds of the intro for Artie's Memoir the game freezes up but if it makes it past the cutscene it again closes if I touch anything at all, clicking, WASD etc. I've seen one other person ask about a similar issue as I was wondering if anyone else had the solution already and hope that you could help get this beauty to run. I have a computer which can handle plenty of games and have reset it multiple times as well as deleted the save game files from the appdata, if there's nothing that can be done that's fine, I don't mind watching it on youtube. Thanks and CheeryBye!

Hey, so I was playing boofies bunker and when I opened the game up it started but it was really glitchy and it kept lagging. Then when I went to play Artys Memoir it was just a black screen and after a while of waiting for like 5 minutes I had decided to close the game, I reopened the file and it did the same thing. So I exited the game again but instead I tried the valentines day challenge it did open but it was lagging a lot, so I exited and did the Christmas challenge but it did the same thing. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but it did the same thing. So I decided to restart my device because maybe my computer was just experiencing problems. But when I opened the game up again it did the same thing again.


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