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Cubebrush ? BATGIRL 3D Print Model WORK

About the 2020 remake of this article: For the ten-year anniversary of this article (originally published on April 11, 2010) I decided to rewrite it. I also made new artworks and published them in higher quality. Over the years, I've been super-happy to see this article republished on big CG portals and printed on CG magazines; the article was even republished by Wacom on their blog!. Recently, I had a request for another repost, but after re-reading the article, I felt it was totally obsolete and not really in sync with what I'm thinking now... Since 2010 many things have happened: the first Ipad-like tablets with styluses have come out, the historical monopoly of Wacom was breached after their patent for battery-less stylus expired, competition could finally start in the tablet market, many new models came out (Huion/XpPen/etc...), and tablet computers with a pen are cheaper to buy and more and more common on the desks of artists. So this update was more than necessary. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Cubebrush – BATGIRL 3D Print Model

Cestarian 12 august 2014, 21:44 - Reply Oh well, it was just a suggestion I guess, and I wrote it on DA originally so you may have noticed a bit of an error (The Seriously Evil Laugh = Emote from DA; placed there to indicate sarcasm)I can't disagree with you on proprietary content, I'm on the same page as you there but I like that site because at least currently they are providing more free stuff than proprietary stuff, and as a viewer I do not care if it is mixed in with proprietary contents or not, I really liked their price (16$) and so far from what I've seen their proprietary content is only the kind of stuff beginners normally shouldn't be considering (more advanced videos) which is why I was suggesting this, it seems to be headed towards being a great site, and I personally think of that 16$ monthly fee which I would pay to access pro content much like a donation since I don't really need that pro content either way.But I can respectfully disagree with you on the sexual objectification of females, firstly, where do they become objectified? Are they being branded and sold in any of those images? Not really, they're just drawn in non-realistic proportions and in sexy poses with lack of clothing, there is nothing wrong with that, only feminism extremists see anything wrong with this, in fact a lot of women even like pictures like these. Just as I like pictures like these -badabs-380244081 -330297689Unrealistic men, we have exactly the same problem on our side too, men are commonly portrayed in art unrealistically toned and proportioned just as women are, but do you see any of us bitching about it? Is it not the point of art to create things that couldn't exist in the real world?Theres a huge difference between drawing unrealistically proportioned women, and photoshopping women to look better than they ever could physically look for the sake of advertisement. Out of this world beautiful and sexy women are attractive to me, and out of this world beautiful or well structured and toned males are nothing I dislike at all either, not even a little bit, maybe it's just that I've gotten used to fantasy where every humanoid being gets to be perfect.That's not to say I don't think half naked women aren't overused in advertisements (no I really think they are overused! so much I sometimes get sick of it!), but I don't see it as objectification, the women after all are not the products being sold in these advertisements, they are the ones getting paid. And in art where nothing was real to begin with, no one gets hurt.Basically what I'm trying to say is that complaints about sexual objectification of women are a very political thing, it's words tossed around by feminists in order to brainwash people into thinking it is wrong for women to use their sex appeal for advertisement purposes which can often give unfair advantages to some industries. Do not get pulled into believing all that extremist crap, the wisdom of it (which is there) is not really applicable to art, it is that photoshop is being overused to make models which were already going into extremes and unhealthy dieting and as such already looked pretty much incredibly good (or in some cases incredibly starved...) look impossibly good which directly undermines the self esteem of the female population; art doesn't do this as they don't need to be as observant to see that the drawn person is not a real human being and therefore not to be a role model. Self esteem is a huge problem for our female population which is probably why the feminist movements started trying to fight this trend.There is nothing wrong with using things that attract the eye to advertise, whether it be making a video thumbnail look clickable or to convince people to buy a product, it is the purpose of advertisements to do so to begin with! it is the reason they exist! to promote content. In most cases I suspect women will have nothing against these thumbnails. I'm sure you were particularly thinking about the batgirl thumbnail which was a speedpaint where the artist mind you said "Silly redesign of the recent redesign for Batgirl." and it is silly indeed, she's almost not wearing any clothes, but apart from her waist she seems fairly realistically proportioned, her boobs are in an above average size from a realistic point of view, and that thumbnail is representative of the content making it a thumbnail doing it's job right :)The sexual objectification of females only takes place in two industries and subdivisions or variants of these industries, one is porn which I very rarely watch (why watch porn when there are entire galleries of pornographic art to look through instead? much more creative, no one gets harmed, and no adding to the demand of porn films) and the other is human trafficking which takes place all over the world in the shadows and corners of all kinds of industries (industries related to stage performance are commonly involved in such, from the managers of singers to models and dancers or other kinds of performers)Just to prove my point, I did not have to be on deviantart for very longe to find a lot of female artists who draw out of proportion and even sexualized female characters. A lot. Go ahead and look at one if you want. I don't mean that you should draw women with huge boobs though, I love your art just the way it is, and it's a nice and welcome break from all the super sexy out of proportion female characters other artists tend to draw. Everything has a time and place, and some things are overused, sexuality is one of these things, but that is just because it is within our nature, for worse or for worse.


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